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Rest In Peace Auntie

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 23, 2015, 8:08 AM

My Aunt Beulah Mason was a matriarch of our family after my grandmother died. She was a servant of the Lord, a real class act. She served everyone she met, spread love to all, had the loveliest laugh, was elegant, intelligent, an artist...and the first family member to take me to a museum and introduce me to the Arts.

I have fond memories of spending time with her and my grandmother over the summer. Huge breakfasts every morning, banquet-styled dinners and the most decadent desserts! After dinner, all the family would gather around and hear tales of the old grandmother being born in 1903 was full of tales and my aunt had more than her fair share. I learned what life was like before modern technology, what American culture was like in the old days, back when we still had a collective moral compass. When neighborhoods raised children. When entire areas of town were divided by cultures and races.

I learned about the heredity of my spirituality. The predecessors of my faith. I understood how we became such an intelligently intellectual Christian family, more educated in actual biblical history than most others you meet on the street. It's a legacy I'm very proud of.

Last week, my Aunt was feeling pain while on vacation in Aruba and went to the hospital to do some tests. We gathered the family together in the living room and got on speaker and all wished her well and told her we loved her. None of us would have expected that the next day she would pass away. Turns out she had stage 4 cancer which had spread to her liver and nobody even knew. But what was even more miraculous was that she had this condition and was able to function like a healthy individual, not showing any symptoms.

She was 88 when she went home to be with the Lord. I know she would have liked to have lived longer; she always reminded me that my father's side had longevity. My grandmother died at 96, but I had at least two other aunts that lived to be around 103.

But alas, the Lord decided to bring her home. I'm sure he didn't want her to suffer w/her condition. And the things coming on this earth soon would not have been nice for her to see anyway.

Because of the training on my job and their bereavement policy, I couldn't make the trip to Kentucky to her funeral. But the rest of my family did. I wrote this for her, which moved my mother so much that she read it at her funeral yesterday. I figured I'd share it here:

To my Aunt Beulah Mason,

You will be greatly missed, but never forgotten. Your goodness, kindness, servitude, patience, love, and most of all, honor of God echoes throughout eternity. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. You are in Heaven right now, having been escorted by a company of angels who all bear testiment to your good works. To be met with the smiles of angels, to be assured that your work in this life is complete, your chapter is finished, and you have been found worthy of the gift of eternal life...nothing can compare to that.

I will never live the life that you lived. If the rest of my days are perfect, they cannot amount to a lifetime of servitude. You are a testament to a rare creed set apart from the multitude of mankind, the last of a breed of spiritual warriors. A warrior whose sword of the spirit has now been sheathed, whose helmet has been removed to be replaced with a crown, whose shield has been laid down because the fiery darts can no longer reach you. Now you can rest in the company of angels and the Lord. The cheers of victory fill the halls of heaven as another warrior comes home.

Oh, I wonder if you knew that your coming would be met with were so humble, but I'm sure you were met with so many smiles, so many cheers, so much love that you probably feel that you don't deserve it. But that is how wonderful heaven is! And now, you can join with our ancestors in eternal peace, the beautiful rest of the Lord.

I will miss you so much, and every thing that you did for us. All the memories, the prayers, the laughter, the culture, the teachings, and the spirit of love and joy. The comfort of love cannot be matched by anything this shallow, dying world has to offer.

I'll see you all soon enough. I'm looking forward to eating at the banquet table with such fine company. I'm sure you and grandma are probably setting the table, you did you such a great job when you were here. And there's a LOT of guests, so you've got plenty of time to prepare. I wonder what your mansion looks bright do the gold-paved streets shine? How radiant is the brightness of the Lord? Do angels have a sense of humor like you?

Tell Yeshua that his patience with me will pay off, I promise. But wait until I get there before you talk to Moses so we can ask him together what it was like to cross the Red Sea on dry land. So many wonders awaiting you, so many that you've never known many things to see, places to visit, people to meet...

I will see you soon enough, Aunt Beulah. You and I can spend as much time as we want in the art gallery together, admiring the beauty of eternity.

Good-bye for now, Auntie. But we'll meet again. We'll meet again.

Your loving nephew

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