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GrungeWerX Web Journal

Last Updated: May 11, 2017

Hey guys! 

I'll be open for commissions again really soon, right after I finish up this last batch. So I'll be taking new requests now so I can book the slots in advance. If you're interested in getting one, shoot me a note or email. 

My current prices are below, but they will be changing in June. However, if you are currently commissioning me for a multi-piece/multi-character project, I will honor the current prices until the project is completed.


Paypal payments only. If you pay with your Paypal balance, Paypal DOES NOT charge you fees. Otherwise, please include the Paypal fees in your payment.

*For Heavy-Detailed Mecha or Movie-Styled Transformers = add 50.00 


Existing Designs (illustrations based on pre-existing characters or designs)

Sketch | Pencils – Single Character (Existing Design) – 35.00
Inked - Single Character (Existing Design) – 45.00
Full Color - Single Character (Existing Design) – 65.00

Original Designs (illustrations based on minimal or non-existing characters or designs)

Sketch | Pencils – Single Character (Original Design) – 55.00
Inked - Single Character (Original Design) – 65.00
Full Color - Single Character (Original Design) – 85.00


Solid Color or Gradient | Free
Cloudscape (dawn, midday, stormy, sunsets) - 15.00
Landscape (mountains, valleys) - 25.00
Forest - 35.00
Architecture (city, buildings, technical) - 45.00 


Sketch | Pencils (Existing Design) - 15.00
Inked (Existing Design) – 25.00
Full Color (Existing Design) – 35.00

Sketch | Pencils (Original Design) – 25.00
Inked (Original Design) – 35.00
Full Color (Original Design) – 55.00

Name(s): Tim Barnett | Sean Bohdi
Alias: GrungeWerX
Skillset: Writer | Artist
Company: GrungeWerX Productions
Influences: Yoshiaki Kawajiri | Takeshi Koike | Shinichiro Watanabe
Tools of the trade: Clip Studio Paint EX | Paint Tool Sai | Photoshop CS6
Social Sites: Facebook | YouTube



My favorite Samurai Jack episode ever!!!! I pretty much laughed the entire episode with JOY!!!!
OMG, Samurai Jack Season 5 is so GOOOOOOOD!!!

I have a crush on Ashi now, so CUUUUUTE. 
This is a MUCH BETTER trailer than the first two.

Early design of Vrok sporting his mask and wielding OP hell-sword! More to come!

VROK - Concept Design Work by GrungeWerX-TV
Transformers was cool...


Probably the only 80s cartoon that survived the test of time right there! CLASSIC! And the stories are freakin' HILARIOUS! I still watch this show with my younger friends just to see the insane drama and have some laughs. OUTRAGEOUS!!!

And it's the source of no less than three of my first cartoon crushes, so there's that!


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OnyxPen Featured By Owner May 6, 2017   General Artist
Greetings, Grungewerxshop. I tried to read the note you sent, but I couldn't get it open, LOL!! I tried selecting it, and then pressed on it and it wouldn't open. What is your procedure?
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nightridermax Featured By Owner Edited Mar 19, 2017   Artist
ps happy b-day
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nightridermax Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017   Artist
get my note
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SilverZeo Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Hobbyist
Happy birthday
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