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September 26, 2011
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Clutch - Commission by GrungeWerXshop Clutch - Commission by GrungeWerXshop
This character was created by :iconchibifox:

Designation: Clutch
Rank: Captain
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Special Operations
Quote: "Just roll with it." "We are a team... I suggest you start acting like one."
Bio: Clutch never really had a 'bad' past, well it was as good as a war could be. She grew up in chaos and so she thrived in it, for the most part. Her team had basicaly come out of no where. She graduated as a Cyberninja and earned her marks .

For a while her team had been quite efficiant until one particular mission. They were asked to retrieve a weapon from behind the Decepticons defence lines. She was to go in alone and take the weapon while her team created a distraction. She had little trouble getting in and half way through she ran into Optimus and his team. She informed them that they were in dangerouse territory far behind enemy lines. Clutch assisted in a small fight between the team and a group of decepticons before gracefully making her exit. She was so close she could taste it, but a call for help from her higher up causes her to turn around before she ever got the weapon.

Upon breaking the battle field where her commrads where supposed to be she was ambushed. Six to one, there was absolutely no way the little femme could take them all out and she was over powered. A forced stacic blocks out a good square of time where she was moved and then secured. When she woke she found very familiar and once friendly faces around her.
The Spec ops Captain was drilled about what she knew... put through variouse stages of torment and torture but she refused to say anything. Anger for the Defect of those she called friends built up as she grew ever weaker in their 'care'. With what small bit of energy she had left she sent out an emergency signal... hoping to Primus that someone would find her.

Optimus caught the signal and being who he was turned his team around and went back into the heat of the frey to save a femme he didn't know. While the others held the Decepticons off Jazz went in for the rescue. They made it out alive... however the femme was hardly hanging on. Sometime later she came around and that anger of betrayal put her on the verge of snapping. Jazz was the only one she allowed in... after all who doesn't trust the one who risked their head to come and get you? After a bit of coaxing and a lot of trust problems she accepted the others as friends.
Personality: Clutch is generally laid back but she can be a little short tempered over a select few things. She is more than willing to lay down her life for one she cares about. She is cunning and learns quickly. She is observant and though she can be quiet don't let that fool you. She is outspoken and does enjoy playing around on occassion.
Abilities: She is a stealth killer. An assassin. However she has more functions than just killing, because of her ability to be a sneaky little femme. She can also do recon and other such things that might involve going behind the lines and getting out undetected.
Weaknesses: She isn't all that powerful. She relies on her stealth and speed to help her bring down the bigger of the enemies. As she would tell you, power isn't everything. So where someone with a lot physical strength could easily over power her... they would first have to find her and then have to catch her. She is also fiercely loyal and selfless. This is a problem when your companions are constantly in the line of danger... it means you're risking your life a lot.
Weapons: A pair of razor sharp blades that unfold from her arms and curve back around her elbow. A port on her forearm produces a super strong thin wire that cuts like a knife when pulled with enough force, but still strong enough to support her own weight.

Tools: Photoshop CS5 | Paint Tool Sai | TVPaint
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