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Sideways - Commission by GrungeWerXshop Sideways - Commission by GrungeWerXshop
This is an "upgraded" version of an original commission I did of a character named Sideways created by :iconchaos2112:.

The original is below:

Sideways - Lost and Found by GrungeWerXshop


"There are at least two sides to everything."

[Personal impressions: Wheeljack]

Sideways arrived from Cybertron only a month after Ultra Magnus's crew,
in the middle of Arizona for no explainable reason. He just looks blank
if you ask him how he got here, but he generally looks blank if you ask
him any sort of question. I'd normally write him off as dense as
neutronium, except I watched him pull that blankness routine on
Sunstreaker when the Lambo was grilling him over the location of
whichever minibot had swiped his polish. Given that Cliffjumper was
under the counter Sideways was standing in front of at the time...

He works in SpecOps under Jazz, and he seems pretty good at his job.
Ratchet wishes he would carry a weapon, but since he never pops into
Medical with any damage, it's not like Ratchet can push it. Sideways
seems to prefer talking his way out of situations, and it seems to have
worked so far.

He comes across as way younger than he actually is, like he's completely
inexperienced with Cybertronian life and the Autobot way. Not immature
like some of the 'bots who can come across just as young, just
inexperienced. He's a real nice kid, though, so people try to explain
things to him. He's also real good at thinking up conundrums as related
to how the ideals of the Autobot way apply to Decepticons, which is a
bit worrying. He's sympathetic to them, and not in the way First Aid is
with not wanting to fight *anyone*. Sideways is real smart, though, so
he'll probably get over it when he really gets a chance to see them in


Sideways does not visibly carry any weapons at all, but he'll pull a
pistol out of subspace when the going gets tough. Sideways prefers to
use non-violent means to accomplish his goal, since he's figured out
that for a fair amount of the people he's sent to deal with, violence is
a pretty polarizing issue. He's a trained and experienced infiltration
unit, though not for either the Autobots or the Decepticons - instead,
he's a creation of Unicron.

The Delorean possesses the ability to channel his master's power in
different ways. His most common use for it is to world-walk, a technique
that allows him to pass into different universes, go up and down time,
or simply teleport. He prefers to use it at a minimum when on
assignment, simply because he's supposed to come across as being a
fairly ordinary native.

[After-action report, written by Thundercracker]

Yeah, I don't care if Soundwave says he's not one of our double-agents.
No one who's that prone to nasty gloating is an Autobot. Frag, him
switching from the nice-little-Autobot partition to the Decepticon one
was freaky. One of the Autobots almost caught him out, too, and he was
real steamed after that. Thought he'd lose it and let the partition
slip, but he managed to hold onto it.

'Course, when the coneheads showed up, he wasn't much good in the
firefight. Tell Soundwave to let him carry more weapons. Or maybe not;
don't want him to be *dangerous* to us, y'know?
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Bakuformerhanamanime Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
An autobot that goes to the past and future? YEAH!
EcliptorCalrissian Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2009
So, no relation to Sideways the Unicron herald?
GrungeWerXshop Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2009   Writer
I wouldn't know, but you can try sending the creator a note. :D
BudoKhan Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2008
only thing that'd make this cooler would be a "B.T.T.F." version! Way cool!
machwu1f Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2008
You made a spymachine... Out of a DELOREAN!?
(Sorry mate, HAD to). Loving this style - looks like he could be G1 (prolly an 'Omnibot';).
trigger-cade Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2007
For a second there, I thought it was Jazz's cousin or something of the like XD The black and white and the helmet part threw me off, great job though~
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