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Wreckage - Commission by GrungeWerXshop Wreckage - Commission by GrungeWerXshop
Commission of a character named Wreckage created by :iconape32:


Name: Wreckage
Faction: Autobot
Function: Berserker
Primary Weapon: Chain-Axe “Cleaver”
Secondary Weapon: Gattling Laser Rifle
Alternate Mode: Land Rover
Motto: “The more I change, the more I stay the same.”

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 06
Speed: 06
Endurance: 08
Rank: 02
Courage: 010
Firepower: 07
Skill: 10

Profile: A jovial, kindsparked sort, Wreckage is at first glance just your average Autobot warrior. However, behind his seemingly well-adjusted face is a mech with a history. Created as a violent, rage filled mechanism with no real place in society, his seemingly quenchless thirst for violence denied him the ability to make a living through legitimate work. He was eventually shunted off to gladiatorial work, where his natural taste for destruction and sheer refusal to simply back down earned him a fair amount of success. Found by the warrior sect known as The Order of Fury, Wreckage was eventually reformed by their efforts into a productive member of society. It was their destruction at the hands of the Decepticons that prompted Wreckage to join the Autobots.

On the battlefield a grim, unyielding fighter, Wreckage is extremely resentful towards the Decepticons for forcing him back into a violent lifestyle just when he believed he could do more with his life. To illustrate his opposition to the Decepiticons and their empire he wears a shattered Decepticon insignia. Despite the many evils he has witnessed and experienced thanks to the Decepticons, he refuses to allow it to warp him into a totally remorseless killer. He just got done with that part of his life and has absolutely no desire to return to it.

Strengths: An expert at close combat, Wreckage possesses skill AND a tremendous amount of physical strength to back it up. His chain-axe, “Cleaver”, is deadly efficient at cutting through even thick armor like a hot knife through butter, and his Gattling Laser is not only powerful but also possesses a rate of fire that bathes opponents in blasts. His thick hide is highly resistant to heavy artillery and similarly damaging attacks. His greatest strength however is his ability to rage. He is also a fairly intelligent individual, and takes advantage of the fact that most assume him to be just another big dumb warrior. Capable of inducing himself into a completely horrific battle rage, during this time Wreckage becomes faster, tougher, stronger, and totally fearless. Armed with his chain-axe in this state, he quickly becomes a one mech melee machine, causing boundless devastation on his own.

Weaknesses: While his skill at close combat is superb, his aim is a tad abysmal, and as such he tends forgo ranged combat and simply wade into battle. He is extremely stubborn, often refusing to back down from a fight despite the damage inflicted upon him. His rage is both his greatest asset and his greatest weakness: when raging, he loses the ability to utilize strategy, tell friend from foe, and loses much of his actual skill in combat, being reduced to hacking and slashing randomly. While in this state, collateral damage becomes a foreign concept to him. Because of these downsides, Wreckage will only enter a rage when he is ABOSULTELY sure neither allies nor bystanders are within risk of getting injured thanks to him. Also, he is not particularly fuel efficient. He admits to being something of a gas guzzler.

History: When Wreckage was sparked, it became evident that there was something….wrong with him. His first action upon gaining sentience was to brutally attack the nearest mech (who may or may not have been his creator). This was but the first of a long, long series of incidents that would pepper his life. His vicious, seemingly endless abundance of raw rage denied him many things in life, such as social ability or a formal education. The only thing preventing him from being permanently deactivated was the constant plea of insanity on his part. With no social skills or education, Wreckage was shunted from job to job, usually in the domain of security guards. These jobs only lasted so long, as Wreckage’s explosive rage would result in some poor mech being hospitalized, resulting in Wreckage’s expulsion from whichever job he held at the time. Eventually, he landed a job that suited his “talents”….as a gladiator in the infamous pit-fighting rings.

Wreckage was moderately successful in this profession, carving a decent amount wealth for himself. It was after one fight that Wreckage was approached by an ancient mech, one spouting talk of enlightenment and personal empowerment, of a better way for Wreckage to lead his life. Wreckage responded the best way he could; he attacked the old mech. But, rather than crumble before Wreckage’s assault, the old mech responded in a most surprising way; he flew into an unholy, animalistic rage, and fought off the larger mech. For the first time in his life, Wreckage was stunned. When the old mech’s rage subsided, Wreckage lay before him, a crumpled heap. The old mech, who revealed himself as Pike, grand master of the Order of Fury, made an offer to Wreckage…to join the order, learn to channel his rage, and become a useful member of society. At the time more interested in learning how to become stronger, Wreckage accepted the offer, and joined the order.

His time in the Order changed him, allowed him to develop an actual appreciation for life, as well as learning how to actually fight, instead of relying on sheer ferocity. Asides from that, he also learnt how to channel his anger into a positive combative force, a rage that would make the mech faster, stronger, and tougher, overall making the already formidable Wreckage into a nigh-unstoppable combat monster. With his graduation from the Order, Wreckage received his chain-axe, Cleaver, and with it the promise of a better future. To this day he regards the members of the order the closest thing to family he could ever have. With his training complete, Wreckage set out to explore cybertron, to learn more about the world and all within. Alas, the Great War cut that trip short. When news reached him that the city housing his order had been laid under siege by the decepticons, he wasted no time he rushing back to the order, cutting a bloody swathe of destruction in the process. Alas, it was all for naught…

When he arrived, he discovered the temple in shambles, and littered with bodies. Most of the bodies belonged to invading decepticons, but all of his fellow berserkers were dead as well. After cleaning the temple of the decepticon corpses (he tossed them in a smelter), and burying his dead friends in the temple catacombs (the only part undiscovered by the decepticon invaders), Wreckage joined the autobots as a frontline assault trooper. Since then, he has endured much at the hands of the decepticons, but he refuses to let it harden him into a completely merciless killing machine. He left that life a long time ago, and he refuses to sink back into it.
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space6 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
cool charecter
The-Black-Sands Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good stuff, you've really put some thought into this :P
PencilMonkey Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2007
sick ax/club thing...very cool.
GrungeWerXshop Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2007   Writer
Thanks man!
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